Marketing will buy more tech than IT by 2017...

So says Laura McClellan of Gartner.  Do you believe her?  You should...

Look at the traditional marketing budget... you know, TV, radio, print and then expand it to include ecommerce, personalization, predictive modeling, social media... anything and all things that are categorized as digital interactions.... now think how those digital interactions will be measured, monitored and managed.  That's a lot of technology...

In fact, in many companies it's not uncommon to see marketing spend at 10-30% of revenue.  Yea, I know I've tended to work in companies in the 3% of revenue range... lol... but there are a lot of companies out there spending a lot more. 

And that's a whole bunch more than IT and the CIO get to spend.  Look at the InformationWeek top 500 and compare their expense to revenue with the CMO's expense to revenue.  It's not too hard to grasp that marketing is swinging a very big technology bat...and it's getting bigger... and IT needs to become their best friend.

The future of marketing is built on technology for one simple fact... customer interactions are going digital - no matter what channel the customer is in...


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