Who are the biggest and baddest retailers using for email?

ExactTarget serves just 36 retailers among the top 500 Internet Retailers and Responsys serves just 33 of the same audience, at least that's what the Top500Guide says.  That's a measly 69 out 500 or just 13.8%.

Okay... so if that's true, who are these big boys using?

ExactTarget and Responsys are two of the largest purveyors of email services and digital marketing and combined they have less than 15% of the largest and arguably the most sophisticated digital marketing users on the planet?

About 18 months we were in the hunt to provide the digital marketing platform for a global organization.  This was an outfit with operations in 150+ countries, a sales force of 55,000+ and over 80 brand managers. 

Want to know who our biggest competition was?  The internal IT department.  Everyone with large IT staff can send email.  Who needs an outside provider like ExactTarget or Responsys when they're doing just fine without them...at least that's what they thought until we started to peel back the layers of integration, sophistication and personalization.

Digital marketing is maturing and very few IT teams, even in the biggest of companies can keep up with the advancements that are occurring.  It's just not going to happen.  There is too much money chasing this market and big strides are being made.

If your company still has a "home baked" solution for email marketing or digital marketing, give me a call (602-692-3818).  We can help build the ROI and demonstrate why you should use a best-of-breed digital marketing platform.



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